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Minggu, 07 April 2013

Our dreamland, An inspiring Animation Music Video about Japan

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Minna-san Konichiwa, you might be surprised because of this post was written in english (or you just surprised because of how bad my grammar is) I realized that since the first post of this blog has written down in Indonesian language, yes that's because i'm residing in Indonesia right now and i'm Indonesian :) that's why all of our daily update was written in Indonesian language. At the first time, i just wanted to share my dreams and my interest about Japan to the other people in my country but i was surprised that there are so many foreign viewers that come to this blog (How did you get here guys!!??) what an unpredictable moment!! I thought that it seems not  gonna be easy to see even just one foreign viewers come up to the traffic list of this blog, just want to say hello from Indonesia to you all guys, our beloved foreign viewers. Someday i want to write all of the content in several different language or at least in english so you could understand which topic that being discussed on the article. I think this is a kind of special post for you guys that have the same dream and passion just like us. Enjoy.... :)

There are several reasons why i decided to run this blog, but the main reason is simple, "i want to go to Japan". Then i started to build this blog with some of my best friends that have the same dreams, but i've never been in Japan before. I always believe somewhere outside there, so many of you that have the same dream like us. That's why we created okonomikatsu and then write all of this  articles  to reflected our dreams on it and share it to you. I always believe that will come the day, When we stand up in front of Haneda air port gate then heading up to the imigration office, then stepping out to the air port exit gate and finally say "It is not a dream, isn't it?"

But somehow, big dreams need lots of sacrifices to be realized. So it's not a thing that just come to you instantly, you have to work on it. Some of you guys out there might be facing a hard time to reach the "dreamland",  so do I. Trust me, just several days a go I almost give up to give my effort on this dream, it seems everything just become more complicated day after day and i almost throw all of that dreams just because i feel that it's impossible to reach it. But the fate is always uniqe, you'll never know what will come to you soon or later. During that hard time, i just wanted to refresh my mind for a while and get some fresh joke as usual in one of my favorite Japanese daily news website.

Suddenly i found out this amazing post!! it was the newest post with the title "Anime music video that encourages the world to continuing dreams about Japan" the owner "TheAinioHintaki" message at the description of this video was simple, he or she (i'm not sure about the gender) said "I've never been in Japan, but i still dream about the traveling to my "dreamland". So this AMV is my dream about Japan, AMV slowly changes the style from blurred scenes which symbolize the begining  of dream, into the last part where the dream is become the reality.  I'm almost sure that each of us loves Japan. So i hope that during watching , the little smile will appear on your face" The video was featured some of famous anime such as K-ON, 5 Centimeter per second, Durarara!!, Gintama and real life documentary video then combined every moment together and turning it to become 2 minutes breathtaking video which being fulfilled by dreams, the same dreams with mine!!

There's no doubt, this AMV was simply made my day!! i can't stop to watch it every morning and every single day!! this video has encourage my self to keep moving on my journey to the "Dreamland". Now, I realized that i'm not alone on this path, there are so many people out there that still working hard and hold their hope to reach the "dreamland". Dream on guys, and also some of you might be facing a hard time to reach the "dreamland" whatever you do, please don't give up!! you're not alone, be strong to reach  the "dreamland ". Never lose hope :)

So, this is the video guys and i hope it will cheers you up, enjoy

After all, pardon me if you found out a lot of grammar errors on this article. Trust me, i'm working hard to improving my writing skill, at least i hope you can enjoy to watch the video. ^.^  Please share your feeling to us after you watched this video in the comment box below. Dozoo... :)


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